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School Health Information

Happy KidsSchool Nurse

Brenda Selzer, RN BSN

361-865-2941 ext. 509


Health Forms

Medication Administration Request

Self-Medication Authorization Form

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

               English & Spanish

Asthma Action Plan   English & Spanish

Seizure Action Plan & Questionnaire for Parent of a Student with Seizures        

            English  Spanish

Diabetes Medical Management Plan

Concussion Impact Testing

             Impact Letter English

             Parent Confirmation English

              Impact Letter Spanish

              Parent Confirmation Spanish



Immunization Requirements

Screening Requirements

Lice Policy   English    Spanish

Illness Exclusion Policy 24 Hour Rule  English    Spanish

Unassigned EpiPenAuto Injector Policy   English   Spanish

Fentanyl Toolkit

      Fentanyl The Invisible Killer                       Spanish

      Fentanyl Fact Sheet                                        Spanish

      Fentanyl Crisis Common Emoji Codes      Spanish

      Fentanyl Awareness One-Pager                  Spanish


Immunization Clinic

For more information for vaccinations in La Grange, click here.


SHAC Information  Click here for more details


Important Sites

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Texas Department of State Health Services

Fayette County Emergency Management

Texas Education Agency

Region 13 Education Service Center

Information on Vaping

Flu Guide for Parents (English)

Flu Guide for Parents (Spanish)

DSHS – Bacterial Meningitis Information