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Required Postings


          Campus Improvement Plans 2020-2021     Elementary   Secondary 

          District Improvement Plan 2020-2021

          Evaluation of State Compensatory Education

          Accreditation Status     2018-2019     2019-2020    2020-2021

          Texas Academic Performance Report

                  Performance Rating of the District

                  Performance Rating of the Campuses    Elementary   Secondary   Region    State of Texas

                 TAPR Glossary       TAPR Guidelines      TAPR in Spanish

                 TAPR Report to School Board 

           School Report Card  Elementary   Secondary   Whispering Hills    District

           School Report Card Definitions    Definitions in Spanish 

           Graduation Plans

           Superintendent’s Contract

           Annual Report

           Federal Report Card – Flatonia Secondary

           Federal Report Card – Flatonia Elementary

           Federal Report Card – Flatonia ISD 

           Federal Report Card – State of Texas

           Flatonia ISD Parental Involvement Handbook


           Annual Financial and Compliance Report  2016  2017  2018  2019  2020

           Adopted Budget       2021-2022   2020-2021   2019-2020   2018-2019                          

           Proposed Budget     2021-2022  2020-2021   2019-2020   2018-2019      

            2017 – HB1378     2018 – HB1378   2019 – HB1378     2020 – HB1378

           Costs and Metered Amounts for Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas for District     2020-2021   2019-2020   2018-2019   2017-2018

           Proposed Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate

           Tax Rate Trend Information  

           Check Register   2019-2020   2020-2021

           Aggregate Payroll Amount  2019-2020   2020-2021

           Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas – FIRST 2018-2019  FIRST Financial Management Report for 2019-2020

           Flatonia ISD Policies and Procedures EDGAR

           Requests for Proposals


           Bill of Rights for property owners

           Notice of Board Meetings

           Online Message Board



           List of Immunization requirements and recommendations

           Statement for Public Inspection by School Health Advisory Council

           Flatonia ISD Wellness Policy



             Group Health Coverage Plan and Report

             Posting of Vacancies

             Board's Employment Policies



             College Credit Programs – Blinn Interlocal Agreement

             Physical Activity Policies

             Dates PSAT/NMSQT and any college placement tests to be administered 

             Parent Companion for Special Education Students

             Texas Transition Website for Special Education Students

             Transition and Employment Guide for Special Education Students

             Transition and Employment Guide for Special Education Students (Spanish Version)

             Reporting Bullying